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4 Reasons to host your website with a local company

by digitalwebadmin

More than 65% of People living in Kenya host their websites with companies abroad.

If you’re looking for a reputable web hosting company, you might be conducting extensive research to identify the best one. Even though large foreign corporations could initially catch your eye, strive to stay unbiased. Although there are many excellent web hosting companies out there, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you consider hosting your site with a local company. There are some awesome advantages to hosting your website with a local provider.

In this article, we outline four main reasons why you should consider a local web hosting company:

1. Pricing:

Due to the present devaluation of the shilling, or the absurd spike in exchange rates, one disadvantage of hosting abroad in the current economic climate is that you may find yourself paying up to four times as much for the same service today as you did a year ago. Hosting locally solves this problem and lowers your costs because local hosting is unaffected by foreign exchange.

Have you ever noticed that at times the prices for these supposedly awesome hosting or WordPress packages are lower with larger international hosting companies? Those statistics could appear alluring, but you must truly consider what you are purchasing. Have you heard the saying “You get what you pay for” before?

Let’s say you pay $1 for a cup of coffee. The thought of “Wow! This was so affordable! However, as soon as you take a sip, you can feel your tongue twisting in disgust. It tastes terrible! In this case, you actually received what you paid for.

When you host locally, you’ll get customer assistance in addition to a hosting package that comes with everything you need. You know exactly what you are paying for when you host with a local company. Additionally, you are dealing with actual people that are familiar with you and your website and are available to assist at any time of the day, week, month, or year. You might even discover that some small local businesses are more affordable than well-known ones. Before making a purchase, we advise carefully examining any hosting package. With a local business, at least, you are working with a company that values your support greatly.

2. Boost Local Economy:

It is said that Kenya loses billions annually from hosting its services abroad. Hosting with a local company enables you to grow the economy and also enables local hosting companies to export services and in turn generate revenue for the country.

By supporting a small, local business, you help keep money in the community and support the development of the new high-paying job. When you do this, your community will prosper! In essence, everyone wins. A local business will not only give you exceptional service but also the resources the community needs to prosper. Local businesses often pay it forward and are more inclined to keep accountable to their communities, take part in fundraising events, and give more money to charitable organizations. Supporting small, local businesses is like saying “yes” to your own neighborhood!

3. Better customer service:

When you host locally, you’ll also experience greater support when you need it most. Language and time zone differences, for instance, won’t be a problem. You will have simpler access to high-quality service if you host your website with a reputable local business. 24/7/365 phone, email, and/or chat assistance is available, and when feasible, they can address any problem for you right away. One phone call connects the small business owner to a customer care rep instead of an automated phone tree as is the case with international companies abroad.

Access to high-caliber customer assistance is one of the best aspects of local web hosting. Local service providers make an effort to ensure that every customer receives individualized care and ends the call with the problem handled. This prevents customers from feeling like simply another sheep in the herd. You might not fully appreciate how wonderful it is to have such trustworthy support right in your back pocket until you have to deal with the support hotline of a large international telecom operator. These Larger overseas companies deal with more clients, which leads to longer wait times and problems that aren’t fully resolved.

Sometimes there are so many people on hold waiting for assistance that you might not even hear back from the company for several hours. In other words, you might have to wait a while to get everything resolved if you have a website emergency. Anyone who has experienced this is likely to never want to experience it again. A local web hosting firm has actual people on hand to respond to real calls and real questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike an overseas brand.

A local web host will never be too busy to address your queries, and grievances, or resolve an issue with your website. Some web businesses, like Digital Webframe Solutions, even assist with web design and online presence. Local companies have the resources and time to devote more time to you and your website. Your local companies are right around the block, so you can be confident that you are dealing with actual people and not automated robots.

4. Good for the local Market:

Finally, if your target market is local, it is advised that you host locally rather than abroad. Hosting your website locally will increase website uptime, assure quick page loads for local users, and give you better access to knowledgeable support staff and your target market, all of which will improve user experience.

It would be a good idea to review your website hosting now more than ever. Visit DIGITAL WEBFRAME SOLUTIONS if you need dependable and economical local hosting.


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