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Increase your website traffic through 3 simple steps

Learn how to increase your website traffic without breaking a bank.

by digitalwebadmin

This is strictly for website owners!!

I only have one quick question for you.

What do you desire the most?

“More leads, more clients” will be your natural response.

It is followed by another question – ‘How do you get that?’

The answer is – “With more web traffic”.

You see – it’s a simple calculation.

More website visitors will generate more prospects, and more leads could translate into more customers. I do wish that getting significant amounts of targeted web traffic was that simple, though. But you’re not by yourself. More than 80% of all websites receive fewer than 4,000 visitors per month. 4,000 visits per month equals 130 visits per day.

Also, these 4,000 visitors are not regarded as targeted traffic. The sum appears significantly more trivial as a result. Lead creation and lead conversion are nightmares with such low numbers. In this article, I’m going to demonstrate several surprisingly efficient methods for increasing targeted online traffic to your website. These are the tried-and-true methods that experts around the world utilize to boost website traffic and increase lead generation.

It’s your time now. Now let’s get started:

1. Blog, Blog, Blog.

The best technique to increase traffic to your website is through blogging. It not only enables you to generate new pages with SEO-friendly content, but it also aids in the creation of numerous unique URLs that point back to your website. You can acquire more organic visitors if you write more blog posts. For instance, a business called “Convirza” made the most of blogging. They published three blogs each day and wrote 150 posts in 50 days.

Weekly Results from Day 1 to Day 50:

– Blog Traffic Increase: 210%

– Blog Organic Traffic Increase: 514%

– Blog Referral Traffic Increase: 901%

– Blog Direct Traffic Increase: 201%

– Entire Site Organic Traffic Increase: 69%

You can see how a blog with excellent content can have a good impact on your website traffic. Remember that it wasn’t only the sheer volume of articles that made the difference for them. Quantity alone is insufficient. It occurred as a result of the abundance of blog posts, the high calibre of the content, effective blog promotion, and appropriate monitoring and tracking.


2. Promote your blog.

Writing good blog posts is insufficient. In reality, the adage “If you build it, they will come” is fallacious. You need to contact the influencers in your sector if you want your blog posts to be featured. Try to produce several visual excerpts of your blog for distribution via digital channels. Each snippet will have a unique heading, subheading, image, social proof, client recommendation, etc. Post links to your blog posts on social networking sites. Share your blog with your clients and potential customers through email marketing. Contact those who have posted stuff of a similar nature. Such folks can be found on Buzzsumo.

Try turning your blog post into a video and sharing it on sites for video marketing. From your blog, create a presentation that you can post on Slide Share. Make sure your deck is SEO-optimized before uploading it to Slide Share. Pay attention to the title and description. The transcribe feature on Slide Share is quite useful for making sure that big search engines can crawl the contents of your deck. You increase the likelihood that people will find your information by using Slide Share presentations, which frequently score quite well in search results as YouTube videos do.


3. Engage Influential People in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is evolving daily. Without using paid media, influencer marketing and outreach is a potent technique to increase your reach with a target audience. Additionally, those who miss it are losing a lot of online traffic on the table. Your content is useless if it can’t be seen by your intended audience. After investing a lot of money in paid advertising, some marketers can connect with their target demographic. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide the appropriate amount of website traffic.

Did you ever think about it?

Your target audience may read your material, but they won’t share it, this is the one and only simple explanation. Whether you agree or not, it’s a bitter fact. Even if some of them do share it, you won’t reach a large audience.

Any form of content that is not extensively shared fails to achieve its fundamental goals. Influencers play a role in this situation. They are influencers for a reason, after all. They have a sizable following that pays attention to what the influencers offer. And that is how the world may access your material. But there’s a catch.

Even if your material is suitable for your target audience, industry influencers may not like it. There is a distinction. The influencers should find your content interesting.

How can you tell what they like and don’t like?

Discover what topics they are writing and sharing online; it’s that easy. My go-to tool for discovering influencers and hot subjects right now is Buzzsumo.

Here is a quick rundown of the top 8 content search tools that can be utilized, each with a unique set of features:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Traackr
  • Tomoson
  • Pitchbox
  • BuzzStream
  • ContentMarketer.io
  • Inkybee
  • Outreachr

You may identify the relevant influencers in your niche and their favoured topics by using these tools. Make a list of such topics and begin producing excellent content on them.

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